A note about Covid-19 Corona virus and your dental care at Hobsonville Point dental

Hi, this is Hobsonville Point Dental.  The Ministry of Health recently issued guide lines about how to protect our community.  Unfortunately as a result we are unable to provide dental treatment as we are unable to source protective equipment due to the global Covid-19 pandemic. We will advise on our website www.hobsonvillepointdental.co.nz when we will be reopening. As a result all non-essential and elective dental services have stopped in NZ.  If you have a dental emergency as per the Ministry of Health guide lines, i.e. do you have

  •    Oral facial trauma
  •    Significant infection
  •    Prolonged bleeding or pain which cannot be managed by tablets or medicines. 

Please contact us on (09) 3200504 so we can triage you, give advice, and only if absolutely necessary refer you for emergency dental care
Stay safe and stay home

The Hobsonville Point Dental Team

Hobsonville Point Dental

160 Hobsonville Point Road, Hobsonville Point, Auckland 0618

09 320 0504   info@hobsonvillepointdental.co.nz

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