Veneers: All You Need to Know

Dental veneers are a safe and quick fix for teeth that have seen better days. They are used to fill in gaps between teeth and treat broken, chipped, misshapen, crooked, stained or discoloured teeth.

A big smile is a sign of confidence and happiness, but unfortunately too many people feel insecure about their teeth. If you’re unhappy with your smile, don’t hide behind closed lips. Book a consultation with one of our dentists and see how veneers could change your life.


 What Are Dental Veneers?

So what is this beautifying tool? Veneers are thin, tooth-coloured shells that are made to fit the shape of your teeth. They are created from porcelain or composite resin, with porcelain being the more durable solution. At Hobsonville Point Dental, our dental technician custom makes porcelain veneers to fit your unique smile. It takes two visits to craft porcelain veneers. We don’t want to rush you into making such an important decision, so we take the time to discuss different options, trial out a few potential ‘new smiles’ and then reach a decision.

The procedure is quite simple. First we make models of your existing teeth in plaster and then add tooth coloured wax to the model to trial new tooth shapes. By taking an impression of this model, we are able to quickly mock up how your new teeth will look in your mouth by using quick-setting tooth coloured plastic. Once you've had a look and you're happy with the design, the plastic is simply peeled off. At this point you should have a clear idea of how much (if any) shaping of your existing teeth will be required to achieve this new smile. 

Once you’re happy to go ahead, our dental technician will create your porcelain veneer(s). While you're waiting, we'll place a temporary plastic veneer on your tooth/teeth. When completed, you can come and try on the restoration and check that you are happy with it. Finally, we will bond the veneer/veneers in place. Once on, veneers last for 6-12 years with good care and can last for decades. Brushing and flossing teeth daily will help keep them in good shape.

Why Dental Veneers?

There are many advantages to dental veneers. They look natural, porcelain veneers are stain resistant, and the gum tissue tolerates porcelain well. Most people can get a dental veneer, as there is no age restriction. However, those who have weakened teeth due to decay or from an accident or have a habit of grinding their teeth in their sleep may require different treatments such a composite resin fillings or crowns. If you have healthy teeth and you just want a cosmetic make-over, then dental veneers are the perfect solution.

Veneers are a strong and life-like solution to beautify teeth, in conjunction with teeth whitening. If you’ve been concealing your smile, pop and say hi here at Hobsonville Point Dental.


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