How To Reverse Tooth Decay

17 Aug 2017

A smile says a lot about someone, so look after yours! The tooth decay process can be a scary one if you don't know how to stop it, but luckily there are easy ways to prevent or reverse it. Read these 5 tips for a healthy mouth and a brilliant smile...

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Composite Fillings: What Are They Made Of?

17 Jul 2017

Composite resins, also known as white or tooth-coloured fillings, are a popular alternative to the traditional amalgam fillings. Recent studies have shown that amalgam, otherwise known as silver or mercury fillings, can cause health problems due to the hi...

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Matt Replacing Mercury Amalgams 2

30 Jun 2017

Here we have 2 fillings failing in different ways ......

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How to Remove Mercury or Silver Fillings

19 Jun 2017

Dental amalgam, otherwise known as mercury or silver fillings, has been a popular cavity solution for more than 150 years, due to its low cost and durability. However, recent studies have raised concerns over the health problems caused by dental amalgam, ...

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Matt Replacing Mercury Amalgams 1

14 Jun 2017

Yesterday was a case of replacing some old amalgams..........

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What Are White Fillings Made Of ?

14 May 2017

When you're deciding on restoring or repairing your teeth, make sure it's an informed decision about which filling is best for you. Here's why we only choose composite or white fillings for our clients....

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How To Help Prevent Tooth Decay - With These Four Simple Food Choices

10 Apr 2017

Choose the right foods for dental health and not harm. Take these tips from Hobsonville Point Dental for better teeth and gums...

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Gum Problems During Pregnancy

13 Mar 2017

Pregnancy causes hormonal changes, increasing your risk for developing oral health problems like gingivitis and periodontitis or even pregnancy complications. Learn more about how to maintain the health of you and your unborn baby....

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Cosmetic Dentistry - What you Need To Know

13 Feb 2017

Is there a way of creating a more beautiful, natural looking smile? Cosmetic dentistry uses a wide range of techniques & materials to provide a confidence makeover. ...

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White Fillings or Amalgam - Just The Facts

16 Jan 2017

When you're deciding to on white (tooth-colored) fillings or amalgam (silver), you need just the facts. Learn here why we recommend white or composite EVERYTIME....

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