Dentures and False Teeth - Q & A

05 Sep 2016

Many of us may lack some or all of our teeth. Missing teeth can not only result in a less attractive appearance but also make it a challenge to chew food...

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Gum Disease And Health

01 Aug 2016

Research has shown that periodontal disease is associated with several other diseases. For a long time it was thought that bacteria was the factor that linked gum disease to other disease in...

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Children & Kids Cavities – Here’s How To Protect Your Toddlers Teeth

31 Jul 2016

Not only adults but also children can be affected by tooth decay and cavities – and from a very early age. So to reduce the likelihood of later treatments and...

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What Is Gingivitis and What Is Periodontitis

25 Jul 2016

Gum diseases are infections that affect the bones and tissues surrounding the teeth. These diseases are also referred to as periodontal diseases. Gum diseases are of two main types: Gingivitis...

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Reasons to See a Hygienist

25 Jul 2016

Good Dental Hygiene and gum health is the foundation for both Oral and General Health. This blog outlines the following significant reasons to see a hygienist regularly. To Prevent Gum Disease -...

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New study finds link between gum infections and stroke

22 Jul 2016

New study Posted by: Medical Research News finds-link-between gum infections and lacunar stroke Published on July 19, 2016. A new study has revealed a relationship between chronic periodontitis and mini strokes...

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Cosmetic dentistry

17 Jul 2016

Just what is it and is it right for you? Are you considering significant (or subtle) improvements to your smile?  Cosmetic dentists can significantly improve the appearance  of your teeth,...

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When Should Wisdom teeth be removed?

27 Jun 2016

When Should Wisdom teeth be removed? Deciding to remove or retain third molars in individuals involves a search for the most favourable ratio of risk to benefit.  Generally, it is...

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Reasons and Causes of Bad Breath

18 Jun 2016

Bad breath (or halitosis) is an unpleasant condition for everyone (both the sufferers & people that live or work with them). It can be embarrassing, cause anxiety and even be...

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