Dental Hygienists are the secret to keeping your smile healthy and glowing.


Our Dental Hygienist Anjalyn is trained to effectively remove hardened calculus, bacteria and plaque from around your teeth. She is very motivated about educating patients on the most effective ways to keep their teeth and gums healthy.

Anjalyn will start by examining your gums for signs of disease, she will then do a professional clean and polish to remove bacteria and plaque then show you how to care for your teeth at home.

it is recommended to have a dental hygienie clean every six months to prevent gum disease. Hygiene treatments are important for everyone but especially if you have underlying health issues such as diabetes and heart disease.



So What Is Gum Disease?


Gum (or periodontal) disease is a chronic bacterial infection of the gums and bone supporting the teeth. There are two types of gum infection - gingivitis and periodontitis.

Gingivitis is the early reversible stage of gum disease where the gums may become red, swollen and bleed easily. It is usually painless and, if not treated, may advance to periodontitis, when the bacteria become more destructive, destroying bone and surrounding tissue, resulting in loose teeth and eventually tooth loss.

Thankfully gum disease that is detected in its early stages can be treated and reversed.

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