Dental Bridges

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Dental bridges are an option to replace a missing tooth/teeth.  A bridge is a prosthetic tooth that is fixed to one, or both adjacent teeth.  This is a fixed restoration and cannot be removed by the patient.  Dental bridges can broadly be split into 2 categories; adhesive bridges and conventional bridges.

Adhesive bridges

Adhesive Maryland bridgeAdhesive bridges (or resin bonded bridge) are a conservative way of replacing a single missing tooth.  They are usually used to replace missing front teeth, and can only be used when the adjacent, supporting tooth is healthy, with little or no filling in place.  The benefit of an adhesive bridge is that they are minimally invasive.

Conventional bridge

Conventional 3 unit fixed fixed bridgeA conventional bridge uses a crown-type structure on one or both adjacent teeth with the prosthetic tooth attached to the side.  The bridge may be made of porcelain, porcelain bonded to metal, or zirconia (a high strength white mineral).  Conventional bridges are normally used to replace missing back teeth, where biting forces are higher, needing a stronger bridge structure.  They can also be used to replace missing teeth where the adjacent tooth or teeth are filled or crowned

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