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Dentures (Or False Teeth) Why Are They Needed?
When you lose teeth you can also lose your confidence, encounter difficulties speaking & discover eating certain foods can become a challenge. Modern dentures (or false teeth) are a custom made solution to this – they are light weight, comfortable & most importantly, they closely resemble your natural teeth. Conventional dentures now come in a range of designs to replace either some (removable partial dentures) or all of your missing teeth (complete dentures) in addition to restoring the appearance and oral functions that were lost. Dentures can now also be conveniently fitted (in some instances) on the same day as extraction, help keep your existing teeth aligned & can help prevent your existing teeth from shifting - all great reasons to start smiling again! 

What Are The Benefits Of Dentures?
If you have decided you need to replace missing teeth, here are 3 key benefits to choosing dentures.
Chewing your food – the ability to chew your food is vastly improved with dentures in areas of your mouth that were previously missing teeth
Appearance of your face – a loss of teeth can result in a collapsed appearance to the face. A denture provides support for the lips and cheeks, correcting this problem. 
Pronunciation of words – the ability to pronounce words is improved (especially if it is your anterior teeth - the incisors or canines that are missing).

Denture Types: Partial, Complete or Immediate?
There are 3 types of dentures available, each type is dependent on your unique needs.

Patients who have lost all of their teeth on either or both arches will require complete or full dentures, but if you have only a small number of teeth missing, removable or partial dentures are used instead.

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Traditional complete dentures are held in your mouth by forming a seal with the gums, or by the more recent treatment of attaching them to dental implants placed in the jawbone.

Alternatively, using metal attachments, removable or partial dentures are fastened to your natural teeth and help to maintain tooth alignment by preventing your other natural teeth from shifting out of position. These removable dentures are manufactured from a variety of materials such as acrylic, cast metal & valplast to provide flexibility & adaptability. If you’d like to know more about the different materials and which would be most appropriate for you – contact us today.

Finally, immediate dentures can be placed into the mouth on completion of tooth extraction. After healing has taken place (which often takes up to 6 months) immediate dentures can be adjusted with a new lining on the fitting surface where the gum and bone has shrunk away or the denture can be remade

If you are missing teeth, learn more about other options for replacing them here - dental bridges & dental implants

Getting Dentures
Initially our dentists will evaluate your current condition & discuss the choice of treatments suitable to your needs.

Do you have remaining teeth? If so, are they suitable to be left in situ or taken out. We can advise you of this during an initial consultation. Remember that if you need teeth to be removed, gum healing time can vary widely.

Immediate or Same Day Dentures
If necessary, our dentists may also decide to make immediate or same day dentures. These immediate dentures can be worn while the healing process takes place in your mouth. This tissue healing normally takes up to 6 months to stabilize.

Denture Treatment And Process
The treatment and process of getting dentures typically occurs over a number of weeks and begins with the dentist taking a preliminary impression of your mouth. These impressions provide the dentists with a model of the mouth and we use this as a blueprint for the design of your new dentures.

During the following visits, the tooth shape, position, size & colour or shade are assessed, then agreed upon with you for suitability. Upon agreement, your dentist can then precisely adjust & place the completed dentures in your mouth. You’ll then wear them until your next appointment; with further adjustments by your dentist to the denture over time should there be any soreness or other temporary difficulties. After any final adjustments and the fitting perfected, you now have a brand new smile to enjoy.

Denture Care
Although the maintenance of dentures is a simple process, just as with natural teeth - plaque & tartar can build up without daily cleaning. A soft bristled brush and warm water (to prevent warping or similar damage) or a denture bath with special denture cleaning products will ensure your dentures can be easily and effectively cleaned and cared for. Before cleaning, partially fill your bathroom sink or put down a soft towel over the area you are using to reduce the risk of damage to your dentures should they accidently be dropped.

Before going to sleep, also remember to remove your dentures. Rather like you, your gum tissues need time to rest – so your dentures should not be worn continuously.

Over time changes take place in your mouth, your jaw bone shrinks and your denture teeth may wear down – all affecting any remaining teeth you have and the comfortable fit of dentures. We advise patients to return for a yearly dental visit, just like any regular oral health check-up. Your ongoing relationship with us will ensure your dentures are always properly adjusted. Dentures do need minor adjustments from time to time for their most effective fit and comfort – so don’t hesitate to call us today.

Denture Replacement
Dentures will need to be replaced over time, typically between three to five years. But with regular dental visits for minor adjustments and maintenance, combined with good denture care and attention to your oral health, you’ll get the best outcomes form your dentures for years to come and a new found smile with confidence. 

Alternatives to dentures - the following dental options are availble in many situations if dentures are not for you

  1. Dental Bridges - Click for more information
  2.  Dental implant supprted single teeth and dental bridges - Click for more information
  3. Implant supported dentures - Click for more information

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