10 Frequently Asked Questions About Fillings

What is a filling?

A filling restores a hole in a tooth, or repairs a chipped tooth and returns it to its original shape. Dentists carry out the process and use non-toxic materials that bond to your teeth.

What are the symptoms for fillings?

Often there are no signs or symptoms that you need a filling, which is why regular check ups with your dentist are recommended. If you’re experiencing sensitivity or even pain while eating or drinking very hot or cold  or sweet foods and drinks, then you may have the kind of tooth decay that requires a filling. Toothaches are also a common sign of tooth decay, and the pain can sometimes extend to your gums and underlying bone.

What is the process of a filling like?

Once the dentist has discovered a cavity, all the decayed and weakened tooth is removed and replaced with filling material.  After discussing your options regarding pain relief you may opt for a local anaesthetic to numb your tooth and the surrounding area.

Does the treatment hurt?

The treatment is largely painless due to the anaesthetic that’s used. Afterwards the treated area can feel tender and bruised and your tooth can be sensitive. This sensitivity generally subsides over a couple of days. If you are at all worried contact your dentist for advice.

What types of fillings are there?

In the past the most common types of fillings were Mercury amalgam fillings, today the most common type of filling is white tooth-coloured composite resin.

What are ‘amalgam’ fillings?

Mercury Amalgam fillings are mostly made up of  the metals tin, zinc, copper, and liquid mercury, which is used to bind the metal particles together forming the amalgam.  At Hobsonville Point Dental we offer an Amalgam Filling Removal service, where we replace these fillings with safer white composite fillings or more complex indirect restorations like dental crowns or overlays.

Why do you only offer Composite fillings?

We offer white composite fillings because

  1. The composite resin bonds to your tooth making the tooth stronger
  2. This material blends beautifully with your tooth 

How do I make fillings last?

White composite fillings can last for over many years if they are well looked after by both dentist and patient. The following are keys to filling longevity

  1. Eating a healthy diet low in both refined and unrefined sugars - and not snacking
  2. Keeping your mouth clean with regular brushing and flossing
  3. Having regular dental exams and professional teeth cleaning to help remove plaque and calculus that you miss

Will fillings stand out in my smile?

Unlike other fillings, white composite fillings visually match the rest of your teeth, and can brighten your smile overall. 

How do I book a filling consultation?

You can contact Hobsonville Point Dentists on the phone or online to ask about booking a consultation for fillings or filling removal. We know all about white composite fillings and cosmetic dentistry, so we can fix your problem tooth, and also improve your smile and send you out the door looking happier than ever!

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