4 Tips to protect your teeth over Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, and it brings many delicious treats and temptations. Pavlova and endless amounts of chocolates together with poor dental hygiene, can take their toll on your teeth. Here are our top tips.

1.Only use your teeth for smiling!

It is important to not use your teeth for other purposes that may increase your risk of breaking them. For example, opening bottles or breaking sticky tape or ribbon when wrapping presents with your teeth may cause them damage. Protect your teeth and stick to bottle openers and scissors.


2. Drinking plenty of water!

If you’re snacking on sweets or other sugary treats, make sure you have a drink in hand as well. Drinking water alongside snacks can help rinse the sugar off of teeth, reducing the risk for plaque build-up. Try to limit or avoid drinks like juices and soda that have added sugar that will only increase the risk for tooth decay.


3. Think about how long you’re eating!

When eating this holiday season, consider how long it will be in your mouth. For example hard sweets will stay in the mouth much longer than something like a cookie, giving it more opportunity to line the teeth with sugar. The longer the teeth are exposed to sugary foods, the more damage they can do. An important tip to reducing cavities during the holidays is to avoid or limit these long-lasting sugary snacks.



4.Maintain your Oral Hygiene Routine!

It is crucial to ensure that you regularly follow a good oral hygiene routine in order to keep your teeth healthy and in good condition. This involves brushing your teeth at least twice daily and flossing every day. When you follow these steps, your teeth will ultimately remain in far greater condition.

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4 Tips to protect your teeth over Christmas

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