How To Help Prevent Tooth Decay - With These Four Simple Food Choices

Choose the right foods for dental health and not harm. Take these tips from Hobsonville Point Dental for better teeth and gums

No one likes to say no to that chocolate biscuit, high-calorie dessert when out on a dinner date or a slice cake when celebrating a birthday. However, when it comes to tooth decay, food choices we make do play an important role.

There are foods which can harm your teeth, while others contain essential nutrients that ensure your teeth remain healthy and strong. So to help prevent tooth decay, at Hobsonville Point Dental, we suggest you keep the following food choices in mind.

1.    Calcium - an important ingredient for preventing tooth decay, especially for your growing children. Dairy is an easily accessible source, with choices including milk, yoghurt and cheese. Because the calcium isn't contained with the fat, skim milk and low-fat yoghurt are equally good choices for calorie watchers. Other calcium options include leafy greens such as broccoli and bok choy, canned fish (with bones), almonds, Brazil nuts and dried beans.

2.    Fruit, Fibre and Veggies - high-fiber foods help keep saliva flowing, creating a  mineral defence against tooth decay. Excellent sources of fibre are dried fruits including dates, raisins and figs, or fresh fruits, such as bananas, apples and oranges.

Other options include vegetables (either raw or gently cooked), such as beans, Brussels sprouts and peas, or  peanuts, almonds and bran. If you are going to eat foods with either refined (sweet treats) or unrefined sugars (fruit, be it fresh or dried) try to eat these at meal times.

Tooth destruction occurs when acids excreted by the bugs that live in plaque dissolve teeth. This process goes on for 45 minutes after any sugary food or drink is consumed. Your saliva has the ability to reform/remineralise tooth structure ie repair it, but not if your teeth are under continual attack from excreted bacterial acids. Eating sweet things frequently, even in small quantities is a killer for teeth.

3.    Whole Grains - Whole grains are an important source of B vitamins and iron, which also help keep your gums healthy. Whole grains also contain magnesium which I an important  to support healthy bones and teeth. In addition to this, whole grains are also high in fibre.

Where possible, include foods in your family's diet such as bran, brown rice, and whole-grain cereals and pasta which  are all contain good sources of whole grains.

4.    Sugary Snacks - Between your main meals & feeling the need to snack, focus on making healthy food choices, such as those we've suggested earlier. Try to avoid sweet treats, because sugar combines with plaque to weaken the enamel on your teeth, leaving them vulnerable to tooth decay. Remember that every time you (or your children) consume a sugary snack, your teeth are under siege from the acid excreted by bacterial plaque for at least the next 45 minutes.

While these choices will help support your teeth to prevent tooth decay, many dental problems remain unseen & can develop complications if not resolved by your dentist. Contact us now to make an appointment or book in for your regular annual visit to Hobsonville Point Dental - 09 320 0504

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