Trick or Treat with a cavity free Halloween

Trick or Treat with a cavity free Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner we will be battling the common issues with our little gremlins arriving home with scary amounts of sugar filled treats. Halloween can be one of the most exciting times of the year as we can become any one we want to be, dress to impress and get on the ultimate sugar buzz. Nobody gets more excited about eating the sweets than those tiny mouth-monsters known as bacteria. Bacteria feed off the sugar left in our mouth causing an acidic attack on our pearly whites, eroding our enamel and causing decay.




The Hobsonville Point Dental Witches & Warlocks (also referred to as Dentists and Hygienists) don’t want to put a gloom on Halloween. We too are human and love to indulge now & then. However, we have come up with a list of tricks and treats for the whole family to take the best care of their teeth around this sweet and frightening time:

*Limit sugary sweets till after meal time, you are best to eat all your sweets in one sitting. Snacking on these throughout the day causes multiple bacterial attacks, lowers the pH of the mouth and increases your risk of decay.

* Always rinse your mouth with water after eating. Rinsing with water protects your enamel by washing away food & sugar debris.

*Do not brush your teeth for at least 1 hour after eating sugar, you may be surprised to learn that brushing immediately after a meal may actually harm your teeth. Acids created by food can wear away your protective enamel leaving your teeth at their weakest state right after you eat. Your body uses saliva to correct the high acid levels in your mouth. Saliva also naturally washes away food particles and gives your enamel the balance it needs to continue its protective work

* Ensure your whole family have good dental hygiene by brushing twice daily with fluoridated toothpaste and flossing/interdental cleaning once daily

* Reduce sugary foods and drinks, especially in-between meals *Have regular professional check-ups to spot and treat tooth decay, to stop further damage If you’re worried about the haunting decay that candy can cause you or anyone in your family’s teeth, please contact us for an appointment at Hobsonville Point Dental. We also provide free dental treatment on all students from year 9-13 and we have a direct line to the Tooth Fairy

Kylee Smith

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Trick or Treat with a cavity free Halloween

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