Rubber Dam ... What is it? Why use it?

What is a Rubber Dam?!?!

It's a rubber bib that sits over your mouth with holes in it, which allow the teeth we are working on poke through. It's similar to when you're hairdresser puts a gown on you before cutting your hair ...

Why do we use it?

1. It makes for safe treatment. If we remove silver amalgam fillings or decay, it acts as a barrier to prevent you inhaling/swallowing anything.

2. To keep the area completely dry. For white composite fillings to last as long as possible we have to keep the tooth completely dry.

3. It makes the dentists job easier. It keeps the tongue, cheeks and lips out of the way in a controlled manner, allowing us better vision to provide a higher standard of care.

4.During root canal treatments it stops bacteria in your saliva entering the root canal system, which effects success rates.

* Most patients breathe through their nose, however for mouth breathers we can create a breathing hole in the rubber dam.

Posted By Matt Dash BDS

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Rubber Dam ... What is it? Why use it?

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